Down and Beginning Down in Motion (Part 1 and Part 2- two videos in one) ONLY $79.99

This is the Command that can save your dog's life!

Every dog owner should know how to , not only do Down with your dog, but do it as the dog is in motion. 

This is two videos in one! Anyone, regardless of what method you prefer, will benefit from this video. Learn with easy to follow, step by step instructions by watching real clients as they learn along side you. You and your dog will benefit from learning the Down/Down in Motion command. 

Part 1 and Part 2 are the Beginning of the Down and the Beginning of Down in Motion indoors. LOOK for Part 3, Advanced Down in Motion. 

I recommend that before you do the DOWN in Motion, you practice the COME command with your dog, as the Come command will be used for the Down in Motion later in the video. 

Enjoy the video!


1.  How to flatten out properly without sitting first

2. Getting your dog to down at a distance from you

3. Having your dog come on command and having them perform a Down immediately when told while moving toward you

4. Which teats work best and are the most effective to get maximum performance from your dog. 

5. How often to train and for how long daily (and why)

6. Transferring from using treats to toys, using the DOWN command. 

7. How to Down/Stay even when away from you

Part 2: Transitioning from Treats and toys to Remote Collar 

(NOTE: if you chose NOT to use the remote collar, you do not need to view Part 2 of the video, just focus on Part 1)

1. How to use the remote and the treats or toys combined

2. Where to  properly position the remote collar on the dog's neck for the Down. 

3. What stimulation level you should use when transitioning the dog from treats /toys to the remote collar. 

4. Proper technique to teach your dog to DOWN with the remote collar. 

5. Using the remote collar properly to stop the dog in motion at varying distances. 

6. Preparing the dog for the Advanced Down in motion (which is outdoors) look for  Down Video Part 3 (Advanced Down and Down in Motion)

***The remote collar I prefer and recommend is the Dogtra remote collars. The ARC or the 380C work well for most dogs. 

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