How to walk your dog properly for puppies and Adult dogs (all breeds) Gentle remote collar training ONLY $79.99

Do you want your dog to walk properly with no pulling, no distractions, and no dragging you all over town? NOW YOU CAN!

With "How to walk your dog properly" with Richard Heinz 

Now you will learn the secrets that Richard has taught his clients over the last 20 years that have never been share before. All from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. 

What does the video cover:

  • How to use the remote collar properly:

 Learn to use the collar with No discomfort or pain,  just satisfied and happy dogs and owners. Richard will teach you the importance of what feature you need to use on the remote collar to make things smooth, easy and fast for the dog to learn. 

  • What are the appropriate levels to use on the remote collar. 
  • Proper placement of collar on the dog's neck when doing the walking/heel command. 
  • Proper equipment you need to work with your dog. 
  • What kind of collar your dog should be wearing besides the remote collar. Correct Leash size. 
  • Proper surface or texture to work on while your dog is learning how to walk properly and it's importance.
  • Proper technique of getting your dog to walk properly quickly and easily.
  • Three actual client dogs that have never been trained, starting the first day of training. (2 puppies and 1 adult dog)
  • Problem solving techniques for any issue you may encounter.
  •  Showing actual dogs being tested with real life distractions
  • Tips and ideas to get the dog to learn faster and easier. 

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