Master Class: Do-It-Yourself Protection Training (Part 1) ONLY $169.99

**We recommend that the PRE-Requisite to this video is our HEEL command video. It is extremely important for the dog to understand how to heel before starting these exercises. 

For the first time EVER Richard Heinz, one of the best Award winning protection dog trainer in the world, reveals all  his hidden secrets to making the worlds best elite protection dogs. 

In this never before seen video, Richard teaches you step by step the exact same skills and methods he uses to make a protection dog worth anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 US dollars!

With this video, you the owner, will have the tools and information you need to train your dog to be a top protection dog without spending a fortune. Anyone can follow this video and get the desired results in a surprisingly short amount of time. 

In the video:

Do-it-Yourself to create elite level skills. You will work with your dog to obtaining top level results by following Richard's simple instructions. 

The video is designed for people who want to build their dog's protection skills even if they do not have a helper or decoy available.

It is a great tool as well for any professional dog trainer who whats to be at the top of their game for real protection dogs.

It is the perfect video for a regular dog owner who wants an elite protection dog, without the need to spend thousandths of dollars. 

In this video, you will work side by side with Richard Heinz as he takes you step by step through the process of training your dog. 

You will have a front row seat as Richard Heinz takes an untrained Black German Shepherd from the very first stage, step by step all the way to having the skills of a top of the line elite protection dog.

Richard will explain in detail and give examples to you, so that  you can work at the same time with your own dog. Richard will show  you the right and wrong way to do these exercises so that you can get the optimum results at all times from your own dog. 

The Black German Shepherd will be taught without a decoy or helper so that you at home do not need anything other than the video to work with your dog at first. The goal is for you to work on your dog's skills without the need to work with a decoy or helper until all these skills are built. 

It is like having Richard Heinz right there with you to guide you personally as you gain the perfect understanding of how to  make these exercises work for you and your dog. 

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    At the same time, we will be using many breeds (including Rottweiler, Boxer, Belgian Malanois, and a few other German Shepherd) and taking you step by step through their training process from beginning of real bite work with a decoy up to the highest levels that protection training offers. 

    **This video is not a bite development video (meaning teaching dogs aggression or how to bite a sleeve/suit) That will be PART 2 once you have completed and mastered Part 1-