Bed/Place Command for dogs of all ages (POSITIVE TRAINING ) $79.99

Video length is 2hr:18m

NO Equipment Needed

This video is for the regular dog owner AND for the professional dog trainer who is looking to gain new knowledge to help their own clients achieve success. 

The Bed/Place command is one of the most requested and popular dog training commands with dog owners.  This command assures your dog will go to a designated place (either a bed, a crate or a designated area in your house) when you command them to. 

The dog will go to Bed or Place and will stay there until they are asked to come off. This video is a totally positive training video and your dog will learn through positive reinforcement. 

What should you expect from the video:

This video is like no other video in the market today. It is packed full of information and guided training. You will see actual dogs going through the process of all different breeds and ages. You will be taken step by step with all POSITIVE methods to get the best results from your dog in a very short time. 

  1. Free shaping the bed and positively making the love and passion for the bed/place
  2. Down on the bed/place
  3. going to the bed/place on command every time. 
  4. going to the bed/place on command and laying. 
  5. going to the bed/place on command and laying and staying until told
  6. going to the bed/place on command from longer distance and laying and staying until told.
  7. adding distractions and increasing the level to assure that no matter what, dog will stay on the bed/place until told. 
  8. Problem solving for any issues that can arise and show how to work through the issue quickly, effectively and positively. (ie. dog goes to bed and leaves immediately, dog avoids bed, dog is told to go to bed and stops half way and doesn't complete going, dog coming off before it's told, dog refuses to lay on the bed, and more)
  9. MORE!